living in conflict with the Prime Directive

Short Story: Train

Trains move by my little station. Going to places further away. That’s all fine for my occupation. Others die around me. Me, one thing I aim to do. When I do I aim to please. Someone threw me at this station and now trains never stop for me. Once, I flew above it all. Trains stop start and mimicked me. Charging into out of darkness. Running away, never running free. From something we can’t see.

Every village had runner. Some acted like me. Never knew or cared or bothered. My only mirror, wine in front of me.

When I left my little village. No clue where I wanted to go. Never mattered, eventually.

I grew richer on nothing. I don’t think I ever owned a dime. Something about my company. Good looks, fine conversation, and better times. People came to me from everywhere. I went everywhere.

Eventually I grew tired. Good times, adventure – weighed me down. Did I fall? Tired. I had never gotten off. Left me rest on the next stop. I awoke alone at last. I cried. It’s in the past. I picked myself up.

Got myself all good again. Felt ready for the world ahead. I didn’t know it at the time. The world changed. Left me behind. Trains ignored our little station. Blew past on their way to nations. What kind of person am I?

Trains will not for stop me.


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